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Cocktails, Beers and Italian Wine in Sheffield and Nether Edge

Our Drinks Menu

Our drinks menu offers the perfect accompaniment to any dish, including starters, mains and deserts. From classic Italian wine pairings for fish, meat or chicken, to hot drinks to enjoy after your meal, we have an option for every dish, taste and occasion. Catering to all requirements in Dore, Dronfield, Meersbrook, Nether Edge and Sheffield, Casa Italia has something for everyone.

We also invite you to browse our food menu to discover the Italian specialties we have to offer.

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Red Wine

Valpolicella Classico - £19.95
a ruby red wine with a delicate bouquet and hints of bitter almonds and cherries

Primitivo - £19.95
an intense ruby wine, flavoured with blackberry and raspberry

Barolo Doc - £35.95
an intense dry wine with hints of red rose and violet, offering a full and robust taste

Amarone - £39.95
this intense bouquet is created from the use of semi-dried late pressed grapes

Shiraz Sicilia - £19.95
a blend of Cabernet sauvignon and shiraz, this deep purple wine combines lifting aromas of blackcurrant with the spicy sweetness of shiraz

Chianti Classico Riserva- £26.90
made according to ancient Tuscan traditions, this wine is aged for three years in oak casks before bottling, creating a full-bodied wine with great texture

Chianti Classico - £23.95
a soft and velvety wine with a mildly tannic taste

Nero d'Avola - £19.95
a dry and broad wine offering a spicy aroma with notes of almond blossom

Montepulciano - £19.95
a classic Italian wine with flavours of wild berries, an aftertaste of vanilla and a velvety texture. Our house red

Bardolino Classico - £21.95
a well-balanced ruby wine with an intense, tropical bouquet

House Red Wine - £19.95
Montepulciano. Flavours of wild berries with an aftertaste of vanilla and a velvety texture

White Wine

Our selection of white wines has something for every taste in Dore, Dronfield, Meersbrook, Nether Edge and Sheffield. Please ask for recommendations and pairings.

Chardonnay IGT - £18.50
an elegant and fruity wine with flavours of apple and fresh bread, releasing perfumes of peaches and honey as it ages

Traminer- £19.95
made with 100% aromatic Gewürztraminer grapes, this intense fruity wine presents complex flowery notes

Verdicchio Classico - £19.95
a popular dry wine from Castelli di Jesi near Ancona in the heart of Italy, known for its fragrance, nobility and iconic bottle

Soave Classico - £19.95
a straw-coloured wine with aromas of fresh fruit, maturing into a bouquet of acacia and elderflower. Its long-lasting and complex flavour results from the volcanic ground in which the grapes grow

Gavi di Gavi - £19.95
an elegant and fresh wine made from 100% Cortese grapes, with a delicate fruit character that makes it perfect with fish dishes

Sauvignon Bianco - £19.95
complex aromas with intense but delicate flavour, going from nutmeg and sage to bitter almond

Orvieto Abbocato Classico - £18.95
medium sweet with delicate aromas and a balanced aftertaste

Frascati Superiore - £18.50
known for centuries as the "wine of Rome", this dry, soft and full-flavoured wine combines varieties of trebbiano and malvasia grapes

Pinot Grigio - £18.95
rich and smooth with well-structured and harmonious flavours

House White Wine - £18.50
Trebbiano, a classic dry Italian wine which pairs well with various dishes, including fish, chicken, pizza and cheese-based dishes

Rosé Wine

Pinot Grigio Rosé - £18.90
a stylish and well-structured rosé

House Rosé Wine - £18.50
merlot rosé

Sparkling Wine and Champagne

Asti Spumante - £22.95
a medium-sweet and light-bodied sparkling wine with strong floral and fruity flavours of peach, rose, and grape

Moscato Spumante - £20.90
a refreshing, easy drinking wine offering sweet, fruity notes

Prosecco - £22.95
dry spumante with flower aromas and rich flavours

Prosecco Rosé Brut Mionetto - £29.95
dry, sparkling rosé with a fruity bouquet

Moët & Chandon - £49.95

Bollinger Champagne - £59.95

Laurent-Perrier - £59.95

House Wines

White Wine – Trebbiano
medium glass - £5.95
large glass - £7.95
bottle - £18.50

Red Wine – Merlot
medium glass - £5.95
large glass - £7.95
bottle - £18.50

Rosé Wine – Merlot Rosé
medium glass - £5.95
large glass - £7.95
bottle - £18.50


Peroni (Bottle) - £3.95
one of the most famous Italian beers, Peroni is known for elegant malt and fresh, subtle hops, resulting in a mild malt taste followed by hints of grass and a perfectly bitter finish

Moretti (Bottle) - £3.95
Birra Moretti L'Autentica is a quality Italian beer made in the traditional way using a special blend of hops and the finest ingredients, giving it a distinctive, balanced bitter taste and fragrance

Stella Artois - £3.95


Mojito - £7.95
a refreshing combination of white rum and soda water flavoured with lime juice and mint

Blueberry Mojito - £7.95
a twist on the original, combining fresh blueberries and mint with white rum, lime, soda and brown sugar

Mai Tai - £7.95
the famous Tiki cocktail with a base of white and black rums, combined with Cointreau, amaretto and pineapple juice

Sex on the Beach - £6.95
enjoy a taste of summer with this fruity cocktail of Archers and vodka shaken with cranberry, orange and pineapple juices

Cosmopolitan - £7.95
a classic, elegant drink comprising of vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lime juice

Margarita - £7.95
a popular cocktail of white tequila, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice

Tequila Sunrise - £6.95
a bright drink to evoke that holiday feeling, consisting of tequila, grenadine and orange juice, served over ice

Campari Spritz - £6.95
Campari, prosecco and soda water are combined to create this refreshing drink full of flavour

Aperol Spritz - £6.95
an Italian wine-based cocktail popular for its zesty orange and vanilla flavours, consisting of Aperol, prosecco, soda water and orange juice

Strawberry Daiquiri - £7.95
fresh strawberries, lime and brown sugar with your choice of white rum or vodka

Amaretto Sour - £6.95
Amaretto with fresh lemon and lime

Ferrari Cocktail - £6.95
raspberry vodka with cranberry and lime

Casa Italia Cocktail - £7.95
white tequila and Cointreau with pineapple and lime


Casa Italia caters to all requirements in Dore, Dronfield, Meersbrook, Nether Edge and Sheffield, so if you’re looking for a delicious cocktail without the alcohol, our mocktails are the ideal option.

Sunset - £4.95
a sweet, fruity combination of orange Juice, pineapple juice and grenadine, with ice

Spritz - £4.95
orange juice and bitter tonic water come together in this simple yet delicious drink

Mojito - £4.95
a non-alcoholic take on a classic, enjoy the refreshing tastes of mint and lime with soda water and tonic water

Beachy Nights - £4.95
an uplifting drink of ginger ale and green tea with orange and pineapple juices

Strawberry Colada - £4.95
the perfect summer drink made with strawberries, pineapple juice, coconut milk and crushed ice

Lemon & Lime Margarita - 4.95
enjoy this citrusy alcohol-free margarita, combining lemon, lime, orange, lemonade, sugar and crushed ice

Soft Drinks

Coke or Lemonade - £3.10

Juice - £3.10
Please ask for our selection

J20 - £2.95

Appletiser - £2.95

San Pellegrino - £2.95

Acqua Panna Water - £2.95

Hot Drinks

Espresso - £2.50
strong coffee made from ground dark-roast coffee beans

Cappuccino - £2.50
a single espresso shot with hot milk, topped with foamed milk

Macchiato - £2.50
a pleasant coffee that’s weaker than an espresso but stronger than a regular cappuccino

Latte - £2.50
a milky coffee consisting of espresso topped with foamy milk

Americano - £2.50

an espresso diluted with hot water, giving it a different flavour to traditionally brewed coffee but with a similar strength

Liqueur Coffee - £2.50
coffee with a shot of liqueur, served with cream and sugar. The indulgent way to end your meal

Tea - £2.50
served with milk and sugar on the side

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