Nether Edge

Italian Takeaway in Nether Edge

Enjoy a Real Italian Menu Without Going Out

Italian is one of the most popular cuisines in Sheffield and the UK, but sometimes you don’t feel like going out. If you want Italian food at home, you may turn to a homemade pasta dish or a greasy pizza, but what if you could enjoy everything on a high-quality, authentic Italian menu, right in the comfort of your own home? This is where Casa Italia comes in. We are an Italian restaurant serving traditional food and Italian wine, offering Italian takeaway to everyone in Nether Edge and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re celebrating or just don’t feel like cooking, we ensure you have a delicious meal.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, or how many people you need to feed, we have everything you need, available for collection as soon as possible.

Why Casa Italia?

With various Italian takeaways to choose from, you may be unsure which one to go for. However, for real Italian food there is no better choice than Casa Italia. Unlike other Italian restaurants, our passion is to bring authentic Italian dining to the people of Nether Edge and the surrounding areas. As such, we use the finest ingredients brought over from Italy and our chef prepares all dishes in traditional ways.

We offer an extensive Italian menu, including everything from classic starters, pizzas and desserts to meat, fish, chicken and pasta dishes. We also offer a carefully curated drinks menu, full of quality Italian wines and beers.

The Perfect Option for All Occasions

Whatever your evening involves, an Italian meal is the perfect accompaniment. Italian food is the ideal balance between informal- and fine-dining, making it a popular choice for all kinds of occasions in the Nether Edge area. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, having a date night at home, enjoying a family night or simply having a quiet night in, an Italian takeaway from Casa Italia will upgrade your evening.

With something for everyone on our Italian menu, we cater to the fussiest and most adventurous eaters, taking the stress out of your evening meal. Whether you have a kid who will only eat pizza or are sharing a meal with a connoisseur of Italian wine, we meet all requirements.

Furthermore, if you decide you would rather go out to eat, our Italian restaurant provides the perfect setting for family dinners, dates, birthdays or other celebrations, welcoming people from Nether Edge and all the surrounding areas.

To order Italian takeaway in Nether Edge or the nearby areas, please call Casa Italia on 07548 001458 or 0114 3270505.