Italian Food in Dronfield

Using the Finest Ingredients and Traditional Preparation Methods for Our Italian Menu

At Casa Italia, our passion is to provide traditional Italian food of the highest quality. This involves using the finest ingredients for all dishes on our Italian menu. We know what real Italian cuisine is all about and as well as sourcing classic ingredients from Italy, our experienced chef prepares our dishes using traditional methods, whether cooking for dine-in or Italian takeaway. We also source a wide range of Italian wines to perfectly complement your meal, ensuring you enjoy a full Italian dining experience when eating at our Italian restaurant.

Based in Sheffield, Casa Italia provides customers from Dronfield and all the surrounding areas with exceptional food and service.

Real Italian Ingredients

We source many of our ingredients from Italy, ensuring our customers enjoy real Italian flavours and food of the finest quality. While there are many versions of traditional Italian food available in the UK, they often lack the quality and authenticity that you find in Italy. That’s why we take the time to source the best possible ingredients fresh from the continent. We also work hard to keep costs down without compromising on quality, so we can give our customers in the Dronfield area a true Italian menu at reasonable prices, whether they wish to dine-in or order Italian takeaway.

Italian Wine

As well as using authentic ingredients, our Italian restaurant stocks many Italian red and white wines. Wine is a key part of the Italian dining experience and to get the most form your meal, it is important to have the right wine pairing. We are confident in the origins and quality of the wines we stock and are always happy to make recommendations to ensure our Dronfield customers enjoy their meals to the full extent.

Just How They Do it in Italy

While using quality ingredients is essential for creating authentic Italian food, it is just as important to prepare dishes in the traditional way. With this in mind, the chef at Casa Italia makes sure to prepare the dishes on our Italian menu just how they make them in Italy. This is vital for creating classic flavours and aromas which define Italian cuisine.

Furthermore, our selection of Italian wines enables you to dine in the true Italian fashion, ensuring you enjoy the full experience when eating at our Italian restaurant. We even offer Italian takeaway in Dronfield and the surrounding areas, so you can enjoy our food at home.

For more information on our Italian food, to make a reservation or order takeaway, please call 07548 001458 or 0114 3270505.