Italian Wine in Dore

The Importance of Wine in Italian Restaurants

Wine is a prominent feature of daily life in Italy, being present at most midday and evening meals. As such, for an Italian restaurant in Dore to provide a true Italian dining experience, it is vital to have a variety of wines on offer. At Casa Italia, we offer a selection of quality Italian wines, with something to go perfectly with every meal on our Italian menu. However, with such a different culture, people in the UK often don’t fully understand the wine culture of Italy, which is why we’ve written this brief guide to the role of wine in Italy and how we bring this to our Italian takeaway and restaurant in Sheffield.

We are always happy to provide wine recommendations, ensuring you get the perfect pairing to enhance your Italian food, whether you order chicken, meat, fish, pasta or pizza.

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Wine in Italy

Vineyards have been abundant across Italy for thousands of years, with wine becoming increasingly popular at the time of the Roman Empire. Today, there are 20 recognised wine producing regions in Italy, with each growing different varieties of grape and specialising in a different type of wine. As such, wine is not only a central part of Italian menus and culture but is also very important to the country’s economy.

Wine is a common feature on Italian dining tables, whether eating at an Italian restaurant or at home. Italians tend to drink wine at lunch and dinner, with soft drinks generally reserved for children.

A Wine for Every Meal

For Italians, wine isn’t just a drink but an accompaniment to the meal, serving to complement and enhance the flavours of the dish. Consequently, to enjoy Italian food the way it is meant to be eaten requires the right wine pairing. This is why at Casa Italia we stock a range of Italian wines and can recommend the perfect pairing for your meal, including Italian takeaway in Dore.

When choosing your wine, it is important to consider what you are going to order off our Italian menu. In general, red wine is best with strong flavours and hearty meals, such as meat or game dishes. For more delicate foods, such as pasta and seafood dishes, white wine goes perfectly.

Wine at Casa Italia

As an Italian restaurant and Italian takeaway dedicated to providing our customers in Dore and the surrounding areas with a true taste of Italy, we offer an extensive wine menu. Including various red and white Italian wines, our drinks menu has something for every meal and personal taste. We take the time to source the finest wines from across Italy, only stocking wines that we know offer superior taste and quality and which will perfectly complement our authentic Italian food.

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